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Constantly Amazed

We feel we are often doing our job while working. What do we mean by that? We are the Cafe of Worldly Inspirations. Many Guests enter to dine and are often flabbergasted at our Daily Menu. They see ingredients on the menu and are excited about them. I’ll admit, some do not know what Gorgonzola is. That’s ok. It’s our job as Cafe Owners to educate our Guests. Well I shared that Gorgonzola is the cousin of Bleu Cheese…it made more sense and that Guest loved it on his sandweech.

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"Lovely, lovely, lovely. What a gem. If you love tea (and even if you don't) you must experience this truly lovely tea house. The fresh scones were so delicious and flavorful....Lovely Lina and the always gracious Moody Chef Michael make you feel like family the moment you enter the door. Thank you for your gift of such a delicious and delightful tea house."
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